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Safe, Focused and Professional swimming lessons for kids of all ages.

As a young parent, you must feel terrified when your child gets close to any type of water (not the sprinkler of course). We feel your pain, and we know exactly how to help you and your little sunshine stay safe in emergency situations.

Avoid these 3 things at all costs!

Let’s be real with each other, you don’t feel terrified (when baby is close to water), because that’s an understatement. Your heart jumps out of your rib cage, and you somehow make dives better than “Brian Habana diving over the try line”, just to save your baby from touching the water. Not doing anything to give your child a fighting chance is simply not fair! Here are a few tips of what you should give your child (for free, gratis, mahala):

You do not want large classes
(5 or more kids!)

Instructors simply cannot give your child the necessary focus and attention!

You do not want to use fear to train your child!

Why on earth make your child scared of water, that is insane!

You do not want to use unqualified instructors!

That is like, next level crazy! Don’t do it!

Here is how you can save your child’s life!

Your child only has so many summers before adulthood, so make them count by sending them to Aquatic Kids Swim School.

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Focused Attention

Making sure we make a real difference!

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Safe Tactics

Ensuring no fear is created for water!

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Qualified Instructors

Quality training that swimmers deserve!

About Us

At Aquatic Kids Swim School, we offer the ultimate swimming experience. We pride ourselves on our nurturing and caring environment that allows children of all ages to try new activities and challenge themselves in a safe setting.

Swimming Victory

Contact Us

For more information about Aquatic Kids Swim School, our programs, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

86 Hesketh Drive, Moreleta Park, Pretoria

076 909 7741

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